Kotaro Satо, How to Draw


Start off by drawing out the guidelines and shapes.


In this step you will draw the shape of Kotaro's face and then draw in the bangs as well as the shape of his head.


Next, draw the eyes and color in the pupils. You will also finish the shape of the head/hair. Once that is done add his nose and mouth.


Go ahead and work on the torso next. Draw the shirt collar and then the arms.


Add the stitch pattern on the shirt and complete the shirt shape or outline. Sketch in some texture detailing for the wrinkles.


Draw the star on the front, the right hand, and part of the sheath, then draw some of the left hand and tang for the sword.


Draw out the word "GOD" on the shirt and then proceed on to draw out the pants.


Add texture detailing to the pants and draw more of the sword and hand. You will also draw the pant cuffs too that rest on the shins of his legs.


Draw the legs and socks, then draw the sheath completely.


For the last step, you will finish the feet and sword. Erase the mistakes and guide to clean up the drawing.


When you are done the drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Just add some color to finish it off.

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February 1, 2024

Description: Hey guys. here is a tutorial request fulfillment on a little boy named Kotaro Sato. He is from a series called Kotaro Lives Alone and this lesson will show you how to draw Kotaro, step by step. I had fun drawing Kotaro because he is ridiculously cute. I do hope you like the lesson. Tomorrow I will be back with more drawing fun. Thanks for viewing and be sure to like, love, fav, comment and SHARE!

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