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How to Submit a Tutorial

Artist: Katie79 / January 3, 2011
How to Submit a Tutorial

Step 1.

The first step is to login, it should take you to this page, scroll to the bottom and click "submit a tutorial."

Step 2.

It will then take you to this page, fill out that information about the tutorial.

Step 3.

Fill in how many steps you want and upload your pictures.

Step 4.

When you are finished read through it and make sure everything is correct and then click "submit tutorial."

Step 5.

If your tutorial was approved you will recieve an e-mail and you will see your tutorial on the dragoart home page. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I look forward to seeing all of yours!

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Artist: Katie79
Date Added: January 3, 2011
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Description: I noticed hat Dawn's how to submit tuts was from a couple of years ago and the site format has changed since then, so I am submitting a more updated one. Enjoy!