How to sketch sailor moon

Artist: MokonaFlower / December 16, 2013

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines

Step 2.

Draw the bangs. Remember, this is only a sketch so you can be messy, but not too messy :) use quick strokes when drawing the hair on this character !!! then draw the eyes

Step 3.

Draw in those ittle eye details before adding shading in the next step

Step 4.

Shade dat eye! Shade it dark on the top until u get to the bottom of that 'crescent' then shade lighter. Ooh, look at dat kawaii eye :D this is how I draw eyes in my style

Step 5.

Draw the ears and hair if u haven't already

Step 6.

Draw Left side of hair. Use quick strokes

Step 7.

Right dwindle of hair. Use quick strokes

Step 8.

Draw Right Side of hair. Use quick strokes

Step 9.

Draw those hair decorations and her famous buns :)

Step 10.

Now draw the hair coming from the buns

Step 11.

Draw part of her sailor uniform

Step 12.

Draw her skirt

Step 13.

Draw arm things and other details

Step 14.

Touch up, fix mistakes, and done! Fineline and color if you want to :D I chose to leave this as a sketch. Thanks for viewing my tutorial, I hope u enjoyed it! Also much thanks if u drew it! :) I hoped this tutorial helped some people with drawing ^.^   

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Artist: MokonaFlower
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