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How To Outline And Color In Paint

Artist: Sakuraartist101 / February 12, 2013
How To Outline And Color In Paint

Step 1.

begin by outlining your art ( i suggest that when you are outlining, you use a larger tool, it will look better, so if you need to,make the image larger, at least 1000 pixles wide or long) im using the size three tool. be sure to use different sized    

Step 2.

In this step, you will use the bend tool and change color 1 to white, and use the tool to sharpen your lines. this will make the picture look more like an anime person.

Step 3.

this step is tricky. here what you do. you click 'select' then click 'select all'. now right click and press 'invert colors' and then click the file button and choose properties, choose black and white. this should clear yor picture. now go back to p   

Step 4.

Now, this is the final step! Choose all the parts you would like to keep, and color them and color BUT black and white!!! Go to select and choose transparent selection. then, make color two black. go to select all, right click and choose cut. THIS IS   

Step 5.

here is your finished line drawing! i hope this tut helped!

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Artist: Sakuraartist101
Date Added: February 12, 2013
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Description: Most people dont like paint, but once you get good with it, it isnt half bad. Im sure this tut will change your mind!