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How to draw zed ben 10 omnvierse

Artist: dragon_love / August 30, 2014
How to draw zed ben 10 omnvierse

Step 1.

First, draw 2 circles as usual.

Step 2.

Now do the same for the body.

Step 3.

Now, add some muscles onto the body

Step 4.

Now, erase the original lines and put on the facial features.

Step 5.

Next, add the body patterns.

Step 6.

Now, add the nemetrix.

Step 7.

Now do the mane, and your'e done! Have fun coloring!

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Artist: dragon_love
Date Added: August 30, 2014
Steps: 7
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Description: Hey guys. Today you will be drawing zed from ben 10 omniverse. good luck!