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How to Draw Zayn Malik, One Direction

Artist: matthewboudreau8 / May 13, 2012
How to Draw Zayn Malik, One Direction

Step 1.

Now let's get started shall we? First draw in his hair. With your pencil, sort of sketch in with some bangs right in front. Then, draw his head.

Step 2.

Now draw his face. Be careful, his eyebrows are reely buschy. :)

Step 3.

This step is easy. Just draw in his ears.

Step 4.

Last step! Simple. Draw his neck.

Step 5.

And there you have it! Your own drawing of Zayn. My sister will be so happy I did this tutorial. Until next time, bye!!

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Artist: matthewboudreau8
Date Added: May 13, 2012
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Description: Hi this is a tutorial on how to draw my sister's fav guy from one direction, zayn malik.