How to Draw Violet from the Incredibles


The first step, as always, will be to draw a circle for Violet's head, complete with facial guidelines. Add a line to define her neck, then from here draw her shoulders sloping down to her arms. Next, sketch out the shape of her torso. Wrap up this s   


We will once again begin this step with the face. Finish her head by adding the shape of her chin. Draw the shapes of her eyes, followed by her nose. Sketch in a smile, then draw her ears. Finish her neck with another line next to the one you drew ea   


We're really coming along! All right, now we will draw the irises inside of Violet's eyes. Next comes her mask. Add a little more to her nose so it looks like the mask is resting on it. Once you have drawn the bangs on her head, we will detail her su   


This step won't be much at all, we're just adding in some final detail. First, give her eyes some pupils. Then, draw her thin lips onto her smile, and add a couple of lines on either side for her dimples. Detail her ears as shown, and for the grand f   


Super; you made it! This is what Violet should look like after you ink her in and erase all the lines you don't need. Oh yeah, and I apologize if some of the illustrations weren't as clear as they normally are; a couple of you Dragoartaneers probabl   

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March 30, 2009

Description: It's showtime, folks! Why, you ask? Well, for any of you who have seen the insanely awesome Pixar flick, The Incredibles, you will know why. Today, I will be showing you how to draw the second coolest character on the movie, Violet Parr. Yes, second coolest; I think that her brother Dash is the funniest little guy there is! He also has one of my favorite superpowers, speed! Don't get me wrong, though; the girlpower in this film isn't to be beat! I am also a HUGE fan of invisibility and forcefields! My guess would be that almost everyone wants a superpower, but if you asked me to pick just one, I really don't think I could choose! Either way, my favorite part about Violet is how at first she is this girl who no one really notices, even though she is so special inside. Then, she finally realizes her true potential and comes out of her shell. Enough yaber-yaber; I'm sure you're just itching to get going. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on how to draw Dash, too, unless of course dragon_queen beats me to it. ;-) In the meantime, let's move right into this lesson!

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