How to Draw Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita


Ok, start with basic lines. Keep in mind the proportions.


I always start with the face. Look out for the line next to the eye, it's NOT straight, also look at the bold ends of the mouth.


Now we start drawing the kimono. It's a man's figure, so we will need many angles... When you draw the neck keep in mind thet the back side won't exist after we draw the hair, so it doesn't need to be too dark =).


Here come the sleeves! They must be curly. Look at the part of the front sleeve. We will have a hand there, so don't make it very dark.


Now we enter one of the difficult parts - the hands. Don't make the mistake to try drawing them without guide lines like me the first time :D. After you're done with them erase the parts of the front sleeve that you don't need and darken the others.


OK, belt coming next... Like it's said in the pic - many angles!


Draw the rest of the kimono, nothing special about it. And we're done with half of the work :).


All right here is the other half of the work :D. The hair of Tomoe is long and a bit of a pain in the you know wath. Just follow it's natural flow. If you can't do it tipe in "How to draw anime hair" and you will find lots and lots of tuts.


This is wath happened to me, when I finish the hair drawing and went to show it to my lil bro :D :D :D. It's for giving you're hand little time to rest and to set up the mood.


OK here are the ears that I accidently missed when drawing :D ! Nothing special.


Finaly the details - most of them are at the kimono, but you can add more if you want to. And we're done! I hope you had fun while drawing with me :) .

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January 10, 2013

Description: I did this tut because I love this character! I hope you will enjoy it. Btw the colored pic isn't mine.

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