How To Draw Thing

Artist: NathanBrunelle / October 25, 2009

Step 1.

Okay, the first things to do is just draw his skeletal framework. I feel like this is very important since it's so easy to lose this character's anatomical form because of his bulkiness. I'm mean I'll be honest:I don't think I even drew him big enoug   

Step 2.

Th next step is to start drawing the shape of his head. This basically includes his defined pointy cheeks, his bulky monobrow, and his tiny flat chin. He actually looks a lot like a gorilla...

Step 3.

Draw in his incredibly small eyes and nose, and then begin to draw his shoulders, arms, and torso. Once again, this guy is HUGE. Don't hold back when pushing the bulk button, as long as it fit's the framework you drew in the beginning.

Step 4.

Draw in the rest of his arms, including his chubby looking hands. The Thing only has three fingers and a thumb. Also start to draw the top of where his cute little shorts are going to be, including the famous Fantastic Four costume logo. Another thin   

Step 5.

Next, draw his thick legs to the length of the first skeletal structure you made. His legs probably should be a bit thick than I drew, but I've been watching a lot of Teen Titans. His toes are very box-like. Remember, he's only got four. His shorts e   

Step 6.

All right, this is the part where once would start to ask why they started drawing The Thing. Before this next step, I would start to erase the skeletal structure, showing his mass for what it really is. Now, when drawing in the rock like texture on    

Step 7.

Once you finish drawing in the rock-like texture on his body. You can shade his pants however you want it to look. I of course, went with the bold comic-ink esque shading, that obviously works with his style. Notice the heavy shaded section below is    

Step 8.

And here you go. The end result should look remotely like this. He could be a lot more bulky than I have drawn here, so hopefully you decided to explore the mass you could really make him. Now your character is ready to go out and clobber crime! I ho   

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Artist: NathanBrunelle
Date Added: October 25, 2009
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Description: It's clobberin' time! This is my first tutorial submitted, and I'm proud to have it be a tutorial on how to draw my favorite Fantastic Four character: The Thing! He is a man who gets transformed into this big rock guy, and is in search for a way to change back into his normal state and regain his normal life, including his family. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of The Fantastic Four, I do adore the story for this character. Here I have a how to tutorial of drawing The Thing in a front view as if he were about to go into battle. Hope you enjoy!