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How to draw The Amazing Spiderman

Artist: HarryRatchet / July 17, 2012
How to draw The Amazing Spiderman

Step 1.

To start you'll have to draw a body figure.

Step 2.

Now you'll have to draw his head and his shoulders... as well as his spider-like eyes.

Step 3.

Now his arms... you don't have to draw them that musceled, just a little bit...

Step 4.

Now a little of his body... you can try to make him a little more thinner...

Step 5.

And now the last of his body... the legs and hands.

Step 6.

now draw that spider on his torse and those blue parts of his costume

Step 7.

almost done... draw those webs on his costume and then you can color it

Step 8.

There you go! you'll notice that I colored his spider-like eyes orange because that's how I saw them in the movie.

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Artist: HarryRatchet
Date Added: July 17, 2012
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Description: This is the tutorial on the Amazing Spiderman from the new movie... it isn't much... I actually made it on windows paint...