How to Draw Tanjiro, Demon Slayer


for the first drawing step we will begin like we always do and that is with the guides.


Here you will use those guides to draw in the face shape.


Next, draw in the rest of the head shape followed by the hair line. When that is done you can draw Tanjiro's mouth.


I think it would be easiest to get the hair out of the way so go ahead and draw it out in an outer shell-like style. You will also need to draw the earlobes and the studs for the earrings.


Detail the hair by adding strand lines and when you are finished with that you can proceed to draw Tanjiro's scar located on his forehead.


Here is where you will take your time to draw in the intense expression on Tanjiro's face. Take your time as you draw in his eyes and the rest of his face. When the face is complete you can finish the earrings and draw the outer shape of the shoulder   


For the last drawing step complete the torso by drawing the lining to form his clothes. This includes the collar and button and the patch work. Erase the mistakes before calling this drawing finished.


See, didn't he come out awesome? All you have to do now is color Tanjiro in to bring him to life.

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January 4, 2024

Description: Welcome back guys and welcome to another one of my lessons here on DragoArt. Today I will only be uploading one lesson because I got started late in the day. But, it is going to be an exciting character from the Demon Slayer series. Here is how to draw Tanjiro, step by step. This character is such a cute boy. I love the vivid colors that is part of the anime series. I am not at all familiar with the show, but I did get a request from someone who asked if I could do a lesson on this particular character. So, here he is. I hope you like my creation. There were so many reference images to chose from, so I do hope you enjoy drawing Tanjiro. Remember to leave me a comment below, and be sure to like, love fav, and SHARE!

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