How to Draw Taihei Doma


Make the round shape for the head and then draw guides for the face and shoulders.


Define the shape of the face like so, and proceed to step three when you add some of the ear.


We will now draw the shape of the head which is also the hairstyle. Add a point on his head and proceed to step four.


Draw in the frame for his glasses and then add the mouth and nose.


Draw in the eyebrows and then draw the eyes. Add the blush marks on his cheeks along with the other ear.


Draw the neck and then draw the collar from his shirt as well as the neatly tied tie.


Draw the shoulders and the rest of the jacket. Don't forget the flaps and the rest of the detailing. Erase your mistakes than you are all done.


This is the line art, now you are ready to color in this drawing on Taihei Doma.

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October 27, 2015

Description: So I wanted to go ahead and make another lesson on a character from Himouto! Umaru-chan since I have been getting more and more requests for them. Up next or today, I will be showing you how to draw Taihei Doma, step by step. Now, Taihei is Umaru older brother. He is a kind person and is very smart. Drawing Taihei shouldn't be too complicated so I feel confident that you will be successful in creating your own drawing on Taihei. I will be back so come back around.

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