How to Draw Spiders

Artist: NeekoNoir / July 28, 2012

Step 1.

Firstly before you want to draw a spider, maybe it would be a helpful extra, if you know, what's about his anatomy. The first four page will be about the spider anatomy for the beginning.

Step 2.

Now here the little fags part, you can see them in a bigger pictures :)

Step 3.

Now here the details from the up view and the down view about the spiders.

Step 4.

Their legs are really little (expect tarantellas, etc.) but now you can see the legs' details in a bigger view.

Step 5.

Here the extra page about the spider types, now you are free to choose which your favourite.

Step 6.

And here some body types for the spiders too! Can you believe how many form what they have got?

Step 7.

It's helpful, when you try to draw them in the bigger view, when the watcher see well their heads. Here some type of spider heads for your pictures!

Step 8.

And well, for the last extra page, here some type of spider web, as these webs are their homes, you can see well how many type, form, and place, what they have got! Now just your choice, that which would be better for your drawing, or which is more i   

Step 9.

Let's start the "How to draw Spider" part! Now, start to draw the base lines. This is helpful, that you can draw the base form of the body.

Step 10.

In the bigger size view, you can see, that the spiders have little fur on their body, so don't surprise that in the picture this little one have got furry lines, not straight simple lines. Now start with the head base line!

Step 11.

Now draw his little eyes! Two not enough :)

Step 12.

And now the "Chelicerae" and the fangs! It's not difficult, think about it, that it's just like a little moustache :)(A little... poisonious moustache)

Step 13.

Draw the little "palps" next to his head and cheliceraes.

Step 14.

And now, here we are, the first two legs! We will draw them as pairs in the steps! They are have 4 pair, so 8 leg. Remember, that you don't need to draw perfect anatomy with the legs, you can draw them in the difficult, detailed way, but you can dra   

Step 15.

And the second pair leg next to the first pair.

Step 16.

Here we are the third pair!

Step 17.

And finally the last, the fourth pair!

Step 18.

After the legs, we can draw now the base lines of his last body part!

Step 19.

Draw the base part of his design on his back, it's just four simple circle.

Step 20.

And the last little circles on his little back! Now, he is really pretty, don't you think?

Step 21.

You are done! Now go, and color him, as you want. I really enjoy to draw this tutorial, I hope, you like it too. Great work, guys!

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Artist: NeekoNoir
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Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw spider. You can find a lot of tips about the spider drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!