How to Draw Scolipede, Scolipede

Artist: Dawn / July 29, 2011

Step 1.

Are you ready to start another simple lesson? Good, then begin with making some shapes. This is going to include the head, neck, chest, and body. Make sure all shapes and lines are attached.

Step 2.

Begin drawing out the worm shaped body starting at the head and then move down the neck. Notice how the lining should be rippled in the back. When the head and neck is drawn in, you can sketch out the shape of the slightly bent horns like so, and the   

Step 3.

The ripples that you drew in step two are going to be your guides as you draw out the sectioned off or layered part of Scolipede's upper body. There is a total of four sections, and when you draw the separation lines be sure to also draw in each smal   

Step 4.

Continue to finish drawing out the body starting at the lower chest, and then work your way around until the stomach, back, and but is drawn. Make the back into sectioned pieces like so but keep them connected, and be sure to incorporate the legs alo   

Step 5.

Draw in the legs on the left side of the body like you see here, and then draw in the two horned tail which is shaped just like the horns on Scolipede's head.

Step 6.

Now for the last step, draw in the markings on the body which are donut like hole shapes. The horns on the head and butt also need to get detailed with some striped lining and then add some lines on the legs. Make the hooves and then begin cleaning u   

Step 7.

Now that you are done, you can add some color to this Pokemon species for sure. Thank you for joining me with another great tutorial everyone, I know you did an awesome job!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 29, 2011
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Description: Great work guys, I have been looking at a lot of artwork from so many members and I am really impressed with what I’m seeing. I have two more requests going up right now but I will start with this submission on "how to draw Scolipede", step by step. This is another Pokemon that was introduced in Generation V, and as you can plainly see it is a bug type species. Like almost all Pokemon, Scolipede is an evolution from another form which is Whirlipede, and is the last evolution from its original form of Venipede. There is so many new Pokemon characters that has been created over these past few years, I honestly can’t keep tract anymore as to who is who, and what is what. I do know that Scolipede is a Pokemon that resembles the ugly bug critter, the centipede. The worm like body and the horns extending from the head makes this creature something to look at. Like the centipede, this species also has small feet and or legs that start just below the face and move down the length of the body. When the end section of body starts, that’s where the small limbs end. The body also has four longer legs that it stands on almost all the time when in an attack mode. The subtle expression on the face almost makes this Pokemon look a bit laid back. You shouldn’t experience any difficulties when you "draw Scolipede" because he is a pretty simple character to draw. I do have one more Pokemon going up after I submit this one so if you want to see if your request was filled, stay tuned in to find out. Adios people and peace out!