How to Draw Saty from Blood Lad


Again, we will make the guides for the head, shoulders and sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now draw the structure for the bottom portion of Saty's face like so.


Finish the lining on the left side of her face, then draw in her parted bangs. Don't forget to add some detailing to her hair. You will see in later steps that her hair is cropped behind her ears as the rest of her hair falls on her face.


You will draw in all three of her eyes with the eye on the forehead being less detailed then Saty's regular eyes which have thick, dark lids and lashes. Once her eyes are drawn, you can add the nose and mouth.


Draw in the shape of her neck, then the lining for the sweater or shawl that she wears over her shirt.


Finish drawing the sweater or shawl like so and at the same time you will create the shoulders. Add a couple layers of material as well.


You will complete the hairstyle which is short but puffy. The ends of the hair shoulder be drawn like they where razor cut.


For the last drawing step you will draw the shirt line and detail the base of the neck. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


The line art looks like the drawing you see before you now. Color in Saty and show off your work to other Blood Lad fans you may know.

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July 20, 2014

Description: I'm going to keep the momentum going by uploading two more lessons on characters from Blood Lad. Up next we will learn "how to draw Saty", step by step. Unlike Staz she doesn't have any more words after her name because that is her full name. Saty is the manager of a restaurant that Staz goes to on a regular basis. She has three eyes and is a clairvoyant which means she can see the future. If it wasn't for her visions some nasty fighting would have took place between Staz and another individual. Saty is joined by her animal partner Mamejirou as he too is a clairvoyant. Anyways, have fun with drawing Saty, I know she is a cool looking figure so regardless if you follow the series, she is still pretty epic to recreate. Adios folks and enjoy.

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