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How to Draw Rudolph for Kids

Artist: Dawn / October 11, 2011
How to Draw Rudolph for Kids

Step 1.

Start with a large circle for the head and then make a neck line as well as a guide for the face.

Step 2.

Using the circle you just drew, begin sketching out the shape of Rudolph's head and then draw in the ears. Sketch in the inner ear detailing and draw in the young antlers.

Step 3.

Next, make really dark and bold lines for the shapes of Rudolph's eyes. You will then draw in the eyeballs, and finally the nose and mouth.

Step 4.

To finish off this version of Rudolph, just draw out the neck, small chest, drawing and back legs, and then the tail and hoof lines. Erase your mistakes and guides, then you're done.

Step 5.

Here is the finished line art like you see here, and now that you're done you can color in this cute and easy version of Rudolph.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 11, 2011
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Description: I know so many kids out there wish they could draw good, or just have the capability to know how to make one of their favorite characters on paper without it being so difficult. Today I am going to fill a need that I think will aid people to drawing one of their favorite Christmas characters in a for kids manner. So here it is, “how to draw Rudolph for kids”, step by step. This cute reindeer has been part of childrens stories and tales since one can remember. I know that Christmas isn’t about presents and Santa Clause, but sometimes people need some sort of magic in their lives and it’s best to have magic like that when you are still a kid. My eight year old sister still thinks that there is a Santa Claus and I hope she thinks this for a while. She reads the books on Santa and his flock of reindeer and how a small segregated reindeer saved Christmas because he had a red nose that glowed which aided Santa to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls around the globe. I had fun drawing Rudolph in a “for kids” form because he was one complex figure to draw when I was a kid. So have fun with making your own Rudolph and t me know if this lesson helped you out at all. Thanks guys and peace out!