How to Draw Ray William Johnson


The first thing you need to do is draw out the round shape for the head like you see here. When that is done you can then add the facial guidelines.


Using the facial guides you just drew in step one, begin sketching out the shapes for his eyes like so. When that is done you need to then draw out the nose which in this case is kind of wide because his expression is in a snarling way.


Now that the eye shapes are all drawn in you can work on getting the pupils done, and shaded in as well. Once you have finished this aspect of the step begin sketching in thin crease, wrinkle, and puff lines that will add detail and definition to Ray   


Now it's time to start sketching out his thick eyebrows. Notice how the left brow looks darker, and longer. This is because his eye is in a downward manner making the shading inside of the eye appear darker. Once this is done shade in around the top    


Begin sketching in the teeth like so, as well as the bottom lip and gum line.


Draw in some more teeth and add some detailing to his tongue. Take your time so this area of the face gets done properly.


Now you are ready to sketch out the shape of his face, and then draw the messy spiked style hairdo that Ray William Johnson is known for. When that is completed you can color in the hair.


On the right side of the head sketch in his ear and detail it as well. That is all you have to do here on step nine.


Lastly folks, draw out the neck, shoulders, and then his shirt collar. When all is done you may then draw in the stitch lines for the shirt and then begin erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is Ray William Johnson when you are all done. You can choose to keep this drawing as a sketched image, or you can go ahead and try out your coloring abilities. I had fun did you?

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May 6, 2011

Description: I already submitted the video for this famous Youtube figure that a lot of people seem to be fans of. I am familiar with his works and like I said in the first video description, he is pretty funny. This step by step lesson is going to show you "how to draw Ray William Johnson", step by step. I know that watching the video is a bit different than actually following a step by step laid out version. My favorite type of tutorial is the ones I always submit and I think its because I feel that artists can learn better from them. You are able to take your time, and draw at a pace that is right for you. You can even leave the lesson and come back to it in a few days to tackle the drawing once again. There is also more descriptive detail when following a step by step tutorial as well, which is very beneficial to people that want things explained in a simple manner. Nonetheless, I think you will enjoy "how to draw Ray William Johnson" in this form too. Come back to see what other stuff I have for you guys to draw in just a bit. Adios mi amigos!

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