How to Draw Pumba Easy

Artist: Dawn / April 18, 2019

Step 1.

Begin with a very simple shape which will be used as a guide to draw Pumba's head and face. Also sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Next, start at the top and begin to draw Pumba's head shape along with the points that are actually his cheeks and not his ears. The small bumps are the brows where his eyes will be placed under.

Step 3.

Okay, draw Pumba's snout. Which is just basically a straight line at the bottom that rounds off at the ends and curls up. Once that is done you can draw in the cheek bumps under each eye, then draw the eyes and pupils. Also, draw the crinkles on the    

Step 4.

Now it's time to draw the front portion of the snout which is shape like a spade. Draw in the large nostril holes which appear to be hollow and then add some detailing and definition to the nostrils as well.

Step 5.

It's now time to draw the thick tuft of hair on Pumba's head right between the ears which you will draw in next. Add definition and detail to the ears and be sure that they perk right up.

Step 6.

Go ahead and draw the opening shape to the mouth along with the tusks on each side of the mouth as well.

Step 7.

Lastly, you will draw the bucket style shape of Pumba's chin and then fill his mouth with a thick tongue and then that one square tooth. Erase the mistakes you made along the way and if the guidelines are visible, erase them too.

Step 8.

Here you have it, a finished drawing of Pumba. You can now have fun coloring in this lovable ball of joy. Be sure to like, comment and share so others can find this awesome tut on drawing Pumba easy.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 18, 2019
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Description: What better way to say you love The Lion King then with a lesson on how to draw Pumba easy, step by step. Pumba is one of my favorite characters from the film and story and I think it has to do with his outspoken personality and willingness to do what is asked of him. I also love how he has a super sensitive side and sometimes his intelligence shines through. Drawing Pumba easy will be one of the funnest lessons you will tackle. Kids and adults alike will definitely have a blast drawing this warthog. I still have two more Lion King characters to upload so I don't want you folks to stray too far away. Adios people and enjoy.