How to Draw Passion Fruit, Annoying Orange

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first, make a large circle shape like so for Passion's head. Sketch in the facial guides like you see here as well.


Next, thicken the shape you just made so you end up with a nice bold image.


Using the facial guidelines, begin drawing out the lining for the eyes. As you can see the eye lines are slightly arched. Draw in the top lip, as well as the bottom mouth part which will turn into an open smile.


Finish the eyes by drawing the lower lids, lashes, and eyeballs. Make some crease marks for the tops of the lids before you leave this step.


Now you will finish Passion off by drawing out the bottom lip, as well as her pearly whites or teeth. Add some shading around the gum area, then color in some darkness inside of the mouth like so. Erase the mistakes if any before leaving this step.


Here you have Passion Fruit when you are all done. Of course you can add some detailing to give this fruit character some surface texture, but other than that you're done.

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July 9, 2012

Description: I didn’t want to believe it, but it's true. Cartoon Network has a show called Annoying Orange, and it's the same show based on the orange that we started out watching on Youtube. Today I will be uploading a few characters from the series so here it goes. To start, I will show you "how to draw Passion Fruit", step by step. This dark colored fruit is said to be adorable and smart among other things. She is also head over heels for Orange, which is unfortunately bad for her because he has no idea how she feels despite all the hints and flirting that goes on. Her smile is as big and bright as they come, and her personality is even brighter. This is such a simple tutorial to follow because all you are doing is drawing a piece of fruit with a face on it. Drawing Annoying Orange characters is always going to be fun and simple. They all have their own personalities so each one will come out different. Enjoy drawing passion Fruit form Annoying Orange, and I will be back with some more tuts for you all. Peace out people!

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