How to Draw Minato Namikaze

Artist: ArtOfTheWolf / June 8, 2013

Step 1.

First of you need to draw the head, Now if you are using SAI like I did you can do this by using Pencil or Legacy Pen.

Step 2.

Now as you should know, Minato has spikey hair, so that is what you shall draw, and do not forget that it is longer than Naruto's.

Step 3.

Now to finish of the outline of the face you will need to add the eyes, eye brows, nose and the mouth, as this is manga they should be quite easy to do, make sure they do look right, as a key to a great drawing is the right proportions.

Step 4.

Now all you need to do is add two lines which shall make up the shoulders.

Step 5.

I know this seems like a big jump, but you can brake it down into stages of the 5th step. First draw the collar bone, then if you follow the shoulders down you can draw the sides, after you have done that, the pecks should be next. If you want to,    

Step 6.

This is a short little step for you all, This time all you need to is draw the top of the short on to him, you can have the belt if you want, your choice, I have added the belt as it adds more detail to the art.

Step 7.

Now it is time to add the first of his arms, this arm is the easier one of the two, so we shall start with this one, while drawing do not for get he does have muscles so it shouldn't be too straight.

Step 8.

Now for the last of his arms, while drawing this one, do not forget his arm pit, which is just a small line on the inside of his arm, it adds depth. Also on this arm, he is showing of his muscles more so.

Step 9.

Congrats, You have completed the outline of Minato's body, well done. Now for this step all you need to do is lightly mark out where the shadow will be, to help you with the shading.

Step 10.

As I am using SAI the tool you now will need is AirBrush. You now need you get the right colour and start to fill in the parts you marked out, we shall be starting with the lighter area first. Do leave the face for later. After you have fill   

Step 11.

Now back to using the AirBrush tool, use a darker shade of the colour you was using, and fill in the rest of the areas, and then use the Blur tool again. Be careful while using said tool as it could go too light, but I am sure you can work that one    

Step 12.

Now all you need to do for the face is the same you have done for the body. As you can tell on the face by the hair it will be darker as the hair makes a shadow.

Step 13.

The hair. The hair can be the hardest part to do, make sure you get the colour you want, as you use the AirBrush try to go the same way as the hair would, adds detail. After you do the first colour, use a dark type of the colour you first used, add   

Step 14.

All you need to do now is the Eyes, shorts and if you want add nipples. Also to help it stand out, after you have done all of that you can redo the outline. For the eyes I would say use any colour, then use a dark type of the same colour around t   

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Artist: ArtOfTheWolf
Date Added: June 8, 2013
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Description: This is Minato Namikaze, Made using Paint Tool SAI, But I see no reason I can not be made using normal pencils.