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How to Draw Michael Jackson Thriller, Thriller Michael Jackson

Artist: KingTutorial / October 16, 2011
How to Draw Michael Jackson Thriller, Thriller Michael Jackson

Step 1.

Ok, let's begin with some basic guide lines. For the torso we'll use a large triangle, which should cover his pointy jacket. Egg shape for the head, another triangle for the pelvis, and straight lines for the "bones" of the arms and legs."

Step 2.

Let's start the line drawing by outlining Michael's face and hair. That's some serious jheri curl action right there. While the body is pretty much a front shot, the head is at a 3/4 angle. The eyebrows and cheeks are exaggerated to achieve a bony lo   

Step 3.

Outline the inner edge of the hair, complete with strands of hair dangling over the forehead. Draw in the ear. Then start to fill the hair in black. Leave a white outline along the top edge of the line art. This will act as a reflection on his slimy-   

Step 4.

Start the face off with the center of the eyebrows and work your way outward, circling the entire eye sockets. Then draw the shape of the eyeball. This gives us some nice, sunken eyes. Draw the inner cheekbone with strong curves, connecting to the c   

Step 5.

Draw in the nose and upper lip, and also begin adding details to the face. There are wrinkles above the eyebrows, and all along the cheekbones. The wrinkles really follow the shape of the skull, so try to keep that in mind when drawing.

Step 6.

Yikes, scary. Finish up the mouth however you want it. I went with an open mouth, here, because the teeth are kind of creepy. Add detail around the mouth, nose and eyes. The more detail you add, the more gnarled and decayed he'll look.

Step 7.

Let's move on and draw the collar of the jacket. The collar is turned up, and runs down to form a V-shape. Both parts connect at the belt line. The inner edge sports a shiny, black finish.

Step 8.

Now let's outline the main "V" of the jacket. The shoulders are really torn up after the transformation, so keep everything looking ragged and dirty. Normally you wouldn't want to draw with lots of sketchy lines, but this is exactly the sort of thing   

Step 9.

Draw the ribbing on the shoulders of the jacket. Shade in the outer edge of the V, leaving some white highlights. Darken up one shoulder with dark spots (blood stains?). Add wrinkles to the under shirt. Then move up and detail the neck and face some    

Step 10.

Now we'll finish up the bulk of the jacket. Start with the arm closest to us, and use large, almost zig-zag lines to give a wrinkled look to the vinyl. Oh yeah, the jacket is plastic. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, one main detail here is an odd bunch of    

Step 11.

Use some angular lines and curves to add wrinkles to the jacket. Notice how the angles point back and forth on the arm. Let's also go ahead and draw the hands and forearms. Standard stuff. Check your own hands for reference if necessary.

Step 12.

We'll start the pants by drawing the inner edge of each leg. Add some large wrinkles around the knees. Then we can add wrinkles spreading out from the crotch area. With these in place, it'll be easier to draw the outer edge of the pants.

Step 13.

Start at the ankles and work your way up each leg, carrying your lines inward as wrinkles. Try to match up the outer wrinkles with the inner ones toward the crotch area. This will really make it clear how the material is stretching and folding. Go ah   

Step 14.

Outline the basic shape of the shoes. What are those, loafers?

Step 15.

Use sketchy, black lines to fill in the black of the shoes, and leave some white around the edges for a shiny look. Add some extra detail around the bottom of the pants legs.

Step 16.

For the final step, let's draw some dashed lines along the pant leg. Leave some space between the dashes and the outline of the leg. This will give a little extra "reflective" quality to the material and make it look a bit more shiny... in theory...    

Step 17.

...and now you have Michael Jackson in his famous zombie appearance from Thriller.

Step 18.

Ok, guys, that's it! Here's the fully colored artwork for you to view. I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial. It's a little shorter than normal, so I hope everyone was able to follow along without getting bored ;) As always, be sure to post your art wh   

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Passion4art · 3 years ago
Thanks. I have to finish the draw up project for my mother's birthday that is coming up. My art work project is still not done yet. I have to finish it before her birthday on November 6.
Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: October 16, 2011
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Description: Hey, guys. Here's something for Halloween. Michael Jackson as a zombie from his video for Thriller. This is a pretty basic tutorial, so I hope everyone enjoys it.