How to Draw Magic, Magic

Artist: NeekoNoir / September 6, 2011

Step 1.

Drawing about magic is more harder, than you think. It's your, the artist's task, that you show the magic for the watchers. The magic is an invisible, fantasy thing, what are really hard to catch and give a form for this thing. But as the fantasy and   

Step 2.

Firstly, the good, or with the other word, the "White magic" drawing . Usually (but it's not a rule thing), you can draw the magic power with curves, and waves, and you can draw for this magic smoke little bubbles, and sparkles too. Usually you can g   

Step 3.

The evil, or with an other word, the "Black magic". You can draw with angular, acute lines, but you can draw with curves too, if you want a shadow's effect for the dark magic. As you can see, if you draw a magic type, like this, you can draw with dar   

Step 4.

Here some example, when you see the magic in the people. Usually these signs are the eyes, but you can change and draw on the other body's parts it's your choice and creativity too.

Step 5.

Here some example, when the magic is around the people, witches, magicians, wizards. Just some hint for some idea. Don't forget! When a magic form is bigger, the fight scene is better too.

Step 6.

And as you can see the picture, you see some example for the magic forms and types with the traditional way.

Step 7.

And the digital way, when you draw a magic form with the steps in the Photoshop (CS5 for me :))This line's shine is a really good effect, so, you can combinate this PS effect with the traditional magic forms too. (Ohh, and don't forget! You don't nee   

Step 8.

Let's start the "How to draw magic" part! As you can see, on the picture is not important the figure. Now, start to draw the base lines. This is helpful, that you can draw the base form of the body.

Step 9.

Firstly, draw base form of the hood's inner side.

Step 10.

Now, draw the face line, and the main lines and forms of the nose, the mouth and the eyes.

Step 11.

Finish the little details and lines of the face drawing. It's just some fast lines, because the picture's main part is not the figure now.

Step 12.

Draw the clothes and her figure's main form.

Step 13.

And now, draw the hand, and her arm too! You don't need to draw a lot of details for this part.

Step 14.

Now, finish the witch's clothes with a lot of little lines.

Step 15.

Now, the next part of the picture is the cauldron's base line. I'm not the best, when I need to draw a circle with just hand, so, don't worry if this part not okay for the first times for you too.

Step 16.

Draw the little circle on the cauldron's top.

Step 17.

Amd now, finish the cauldron's part with the cauldron's ears. Do you see? It's really easy. :)

Step 18.

And now the last part of the picture, but the main part too, as this is the main theme of this tutorial. So, draw the magic smoke's base form.

Step 19.

Give a scary face to the smoke, with this, the smoke looks like more scary, and mysterious too.

Step 20.

Draw the smoke's curving lines, as the magic smoke is flow in the air.

Step 21.

And now the last step of the drawing is the bubbles! With these bubbles, the smoke and the magic concoction is looks like more dangerous and poisoner.

Step 22.

You are done! Now go, and color this, as you want. I really enjoy to draw this tutorial, I hope, you like it too. Great work, guys!

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Artist: NeekoNoir
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Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw magic. You can find a lot of tips about the magic drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!