How to Draw Lunatone


Draw out these basic guidelines which are curves and straight lines. Remember that Lunatone looks like the moon!


Draw out the rounded quarter-moon shape around the guidelines. It should curve gently on the outside and become more curvy as you get towards the inside of the crescent shape.


From the middle curves you just drew, draw out the triangles as shown with rounded points. Then just add a small vertical line at the end to close it off. From the curves comes the eye socket. The eye is basically an oval, so draw it as shown.


Erase all the guidelines and you're almost finished! Another two ovals complete the eye and a few small ovals elsewhere on the body makes Lunatone look just like the moon crater!


Now you're totally finished! I hope you had fun drawing Lunatone! Feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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September 9, 2010

Description: Hello everybody! This is another awesome Pokemon tutorial that I worked hard on for you all, so I hope you enjoy it! Lunatone is a rock-type Pokemon originating from the region of Hoenn. It has great defense and special defense stats and is a versatile Pokemon, just like its counterpart named Solrock. :)

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