How to Draw Long Hair


When you're drawing hair, you'll be requiring a few basic techniques in order to achieve nice and clean hair. From the root to tip, you must have a specific style of line weight as well as definition. From the root, start with darkened lines for larg   


Adding large fluffed mounds of hair will only portray the bounce and fluff of a hairstyle. You can stylize long hair with flat and greasy hair by adding no bounce, making the roots seem glued to the scalp. The large the mounds are from the root, the    


Using foreshadow shading will bring dimension forth in your drawings. Add shading to the darker parts of the hair/figure; depicting your light source and keeping value as you shade from dark to light.


Here is a more detailed look from what I talked about in step 1. The middle of the scalp should consist of very dark lines and proceeded downwards with lighter lines as it flows to the roots. Keep your dark/light lines consistent to avoid confusion a   


Long hair will be enduring a lot of movement as the figure moves. Therefore, there is more action with long hair than there is with short. Keeping the direction and flow of the hair in a consistent movement, will only emphasize realism and appeal. Lo   


Here's a few figures from what we learned in the previous tips, are applied. Expand your skills, observe, and sample from other ideas of long hair. Good observational skills indeed come in handy when creating characters and other art.


First, you'll need to establish a foundation for the base of the scalp as well as face. Create a perfect or semi perfect circle for the foundation and a smaller curved shape beneath the circle.


Next, start laying out the face and the upper roots of the hair. This part is indeed the critically important aspect, mainly because starting with the upper roots will evaluate where to place the rest of the weave.


I am drawing a simpler version of hair because I don't want to drag my viewer's focus from the composition of the drawing. Adding lighter and rather thin lines beneath the hairline, stands for the roots that curls into the large bouncy hair locks. Fi   


Lastly, using the rules learned from the previous tip steps, add finishing details to the roots. Adding too much will create an ugly look, which is a big no no.


With initial shading, you'll have yourself a nice long hairstyle! Erase the guides you drew in step one and get ready for finalizing! Use an ink pen for a more final look so you can get ready for coloring. I hope this tut has helped, thanks so much f   

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November 29, 2010

Description: Hey ya'll! I'm here for another epical lesson for all you novice artists, looking to expand your artistic skills! I've made a tutorial a few days ago that was meant to show you “how to draw long hair”, step by step. Now, I haven't really had the time to completely submit this the day I created it, but I hope my long wait pays off in this uber helpful tutorial. I hope you'll enjoy! Don't forget to leave feedback on how you did!

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