How to Draw Lagiacrus from The Monster Hunter


Begin the first step by making an odd shape for the head of the monster. You will then draw a neck line, followed by the body shape. Draw the limb and tail guidelines as well.


Here is where you will sketch out the head, snout and screaming mouth. As you can imagine these monsters are always in an aggressive mood since they are solitary creatures. Draw the teeth on the bottom jaw, then sketch in the eye, and detailing to th   


Up next, begin sketching the top row of pointed teeth, followed by the tongue inside the mouth. Add detailing in the mouth, then proceed to step four.


This monster has a cobra like wing or frill concept surrounding the head. You will draw in these frills, then draw the front part of the neck as well as the horizontal scale lines. Add some spotting and you are done for this step.


Next, draw one leg and talon like so, then sketch in the detailing and texture to the shoulder as well as the muscle definition.


Keep moving on folks because you will be tackling a harder step next. But first, begin sketching out the leg and or thigh, then sketch in the clawed foot as well as the wrinkled skin. Add the ankle bone, then move along once again.


For the last drawing step you will sketch out the rest of the body which is a slithering mass. The snake or reptilian shaped body should be hearty and thick. The spikes should also be incorporated with the hide, as well as the scales and spotting. Th   


Once the drawing is complete you can starting coloring it in. I do hope you liked drawing Lagiacrus from The Monster Hunter.

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July 26, 2013

Description: Some other requests I have been getting is to do some creatures or monsters from the video game 'The Monster Hunter'. Now like many characters from games I never heard of, this one is the type of monster that I can dig dealing with as far as making a lesson based on the monster. I love drawing odd beings that have a unique look or quality to them. This tutorial is going to be on "how to draw Laguacrus", step by step. These monsters live deep in the ocean and often reside near the ocean ground. They are a blue Leviathan, and the characteristics of these creatures often includes them coming to the surface to bathe in the sun. Since I am not familiar with the game too much, I really can't talk about the creatures or monsters that are from the game. The only thing I can really do is provide lessons on what you ask for. So here it is, have fun drawing Lagiacrus and be sure to try and stick around to see what else I have in store for you all. Remember, all requested lessons are going up today which means your request may pop up on the front page of Dragoart.

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