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How to Draw Kirby

Artist: Dawn / March 24, 2009
How to Draw Kirby

Step 1.

First draw a big circle for Kirby's body and then add the facial guidelines that you will use in a later step.

Step 2.

Next draw four bump like mounds for his arms at the top and his feet at the bottom. Wow, how easy is this tutorial huh?

Step 3.

Last drawing step guys! All you have to do now is draw out his slender oval eyes and then color them in leaving a hint of white behind. Next draw two small circles for his red cheeks and then his cute open smiled mouth. Erase the guidelines and move    

Step 4.

This is what your Nintendo character should look like when you are done. I know it was extremely easy, but hey coloring him in is always fun. I hope you liked this lesson on how to draw Kirby Nintendo step by step.

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catjc28 · 7 years ago
Dawn · 7 years ago
Thanks ;D
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 24, 2009
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Description: Everyone loves video games; some love them more than others. I on the other hand will switch to loving to play them; to I don’t want to play anymore. This next character that I am going to show you how to draw are well known and very popular with kids of all ages. I will give you a hint; he is pink, round and incredibly cute. Of course I could only be talking about one character; I am going to show you how to draw Kirby step by step. Kirby is a character form the Nintendo franchise and he has gained more and more popularity and fame over the years. He made his first gaming debut back in 1992 with “Kirby’s Dream Land”. Developed and created by a gentleman named Masahiro Sakurai and in the beginning of Kirby’s career his name started out as Popopo. Originally Kirby was supposed to be a blob like character but he ended up being a cute, soft lovable character that we know and love today. Now Kirby comes from a place called Pop Star and he lives in a round dome house in Dream Land. In the video games he is able to deflate so that he can be flattened keeping him very flexible to fight against his enemies. There is a new Kirby game out called “Kirby Super Star Ultra" for the Nintendo DS system. In the game there are a handful of different characters like King Dedede, Meta Knight, and a bunch of different kinds of foes. A member from DragoArt asked if I could do a tutorial on how to draw Meta Knight from Kirby and I promise I will. But in the mean time enjoy this easy lesson on how to draw Kirby step by step. As you can imagine drawing Kirby characters can sometimes be relatively easy for anyone to do. I will be back in a bit with more tutorials so stay tuned and keep your eyes open and your pencils ready.