How To Draw Kim Possible

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This first step will show you how to draw the beginning steps of Kim Possible by drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes. First start by drawing a medium sized round circle for her head and sketch the facial guidelines in the face. Now draw the    


Now here is where it starts to get fun. You are going to start off this step by drawing out her facial features like her big round eyes, small nose, and top lip. Now draw a curled looking swirl for the shape of Kim Possibles hair style. Next draw the   


This is going to be the last step where you will be drawing or sketching anything out. Here you will start by shading in Kim Possibles pupils and drawing out the eye and eye brows. Then draw the lines throughout her hair and finish off the swirl wit   


Here is what your Kim Possible should look like when you are completely done. Cool huh. I know that was super easy. All you have to do is color her in and maybe draw out Ron Stoppable her boyfriend. That will conclude this tutorial on how to draw Kim   

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March 18, 2008

Description: Okay I had to submit one more Disney character because I absolutely love the series and love her. This tutorial is going to be on "how to draw Kim Possible". As you all may or may not know Kim Possible is a young high school student that fights off evil from happening. She is definitely not you’re ordinary teenage girl, not only does she keep up her straight A’s in school but she is also a cheerleader, and Kim also has to make sure that the world is safe from evil plots formulated by awful villains. She even saves the world on school nights, but don’t forget her two sidekicks that try and help Kim out but usually put themselves in danger and makes the task of saving the world a bit more difficult, her best friend and just recently new boy friend Ron Stoppable and lets not forget his hairless pet mole rat Rufus. The famous ear grabbing phrases from the Kim Possible series goes like this; Doesn't matter where or when there's trouble, if you just call my name "Kim Possible". There is obviously a lot more to the song than just that, but that is the catchiest phrase out of the whole song I think. The show also won an Emmy Award for being one of the best American animated television series. This fun filled animated show first aired on the Disney channel back in 2002. The Kim Possible series has been noted and praised for its smart dialogue, awesome animation, and addictive well written characters. This show truly is one of my favorite cartoons out of maybe like 7 on my list. I’m not a big cartoon lover but there still is a few shows that make me laugh. One other adult cartoon I enjoy is “The Family Guy”, now that show can make me laugh to no end. Kim Possible is an icon for a lot of young girls; this tutorial will show you how to draw Kim Possible step by step. I hope you have a ton of fun drawing this bright energetic character from Disney. She is really fun to draw; I used the image from the Disney site as a reference tool. So, have fun and enjoy.

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