How to Draw Hulk

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This step is simple enough, all you have to do is draw a total of ten circles. Two oval circles for his chest muscles, three round circles for each arm, one egg shaped circle for the head, and one more round circle for his knee. These are all guide    


In this step what you will be doing is start sketching out the line art of the hulks body. Use the guided circles to help create the out lines of the body. Sketch in on his face eye brows, a nose that comes down to a point, the mouth and make sure yo   


Now what you will be doing here is defining the chest by making the muscles look more realistic. After you are done with that, move to the left hand and start drawing out the actual hand now remember, his hand is in a half closed position so the fing   


This step involves more detailing. Sketch out the definition on the face and stomach. Move down to the right leg sketch the torn pants and create the the foot and toes. Since the foot is so big this should be an easy task to accomplish. The right arm   


Now that the basic line art is done what you do here is lightly sketch out the hair, draw in the teeth sketch the finger nails and finger lines, all the muscle tissue that protrudes through both of the feet. Before you move to the next step you have    


What needs to be done here is sketching out the massive detail lining that is in the torn pants that the Hulk wears. Pressing lightly with your pencil, look at the pants and copy were each line goes. After you are done with that task move to the lef   


I present to you the one and only The Incredible Hulk. That is it your done. All you have to do is color him in or keep him as a sketch. I used an image out of a magazine as a guide to draw the hulk the sketch on paper was time consuming for me so I    

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January 21, 2008

Description: There are three words that are said when talking about the different characters from Marvel Comics that makes this characters name have the sound of strength and power, The Incredible Hulk. Created by the well known Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The Incredible Hulk made his first comic magazine premier back in May of 1962. Over time and after the popular TV series The Hulk became one of Marvel’s most recognized comic character. Here is how the story goes, there was a scientist named Dr. Bruce Banner played by "Bill Bixby”, that was part of an explosion of the gamma bomb created by him, after being involved with the explosion he noticed something was different about him. In time he transformed into a big green monster called the Hulk “played by Lou Ferrigno”. Now, what seemed to trigger the hulk was getting Banner angry, I’m sure you recall the popular phrase made by Dr. Banner “Don’t get me angry, you won’t like it when I’m angry”. That was the ultimate statement used by me over my childhood years and some of my young adult years. Over many years the Hulk has been in a battle with both hero and villain from the Marvel Comics characters. The Hulk not only was in comic books and played by a real life character; he was also in a number of animated series as well. In 2003 a movie was released called Hulk, which told the story of Dr. Banner and how he became to be the Hulk. June 13, 2008 is the release date for the new sequel called The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. In celebration of the new movie release coming in the late spring, this tutorial will teach you how to draw the incredible Hulk. The tutorial will help you learn how to draw this character with easy steps and simple instructions. I hope you like my version of the Hulk I think he came out as a lean green fighting machine. If you want to visit Marvel Comics directly to read more bio information on the Hulk just click here. You will find all the cool updates and 411 you need no matter how old this lesson might be. Okay well, I got to run so have fun with this lesson on "how to draw the Incredible Hulk step by step. Peace out peeps and happy drawing.

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