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How to Draw Holo

Artist: Dawn / September 30, 2017
How to Draw Holo

Step 1.

First draw a circle for her head, and then add the face lines. You will then draw the wire frame in the shape of an anchor.

Step 2.

Sketch out the lower portion of her face which is the jaw, and chin. When that is done sketch the beginning shapes of her eyes, and then add the nose and mouth.

Step 3.

Begin sketching out her hairstyle which starts off as long bangs, and then long strands for the rest of her hair. As you can see I'm taking this lesson slow.

Step 4.

Draw the shape of her head and hairstyle combined like so, and then add some detailing to her hair. When that is done you can then draw the wolf ears, and then add the lining definition.

Step 5.

Sketch out her eyes, and eyebrows, and then fill in her eyes with some pupils or iris'. Next draw the shape of her neck, and then begin drawing the top half of her body. When you are done doing this, you can begin drawing her clothing such as the sca   

Step 6.

Draw the hanging ties of the sash which is off to the left side, and then draw out the shape of her bell like skirt. Sketch out her wolf tail, and sketch the beginning lining for the cotton like ruffle at the end of her skirt. Don't forget to add the   

Step 7.

This is now your last drawing step, and as you can see all you need to do is cap off the bottom of Holo's skirt, and then sketch out her legs, and wintry boots. Don't forget the detailing for the boots like the wrinkle.

Step 8.

In the end, after all the guidelines have been erased you should end up with a drawing that looks like the one you see here. Color her in and you have yourself a fully draw, and colored character that you just created from this tutorial on "how to dr   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 30, 2017
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Tags: how to draw spice and wolf, how to draw spice and wolf characters
Description: Mr. Hankey was great fun to draw, but I must move onto something a bit more serious. Last week I received a request to do a tutorial on a particular character from a book called “Spice and Wolf”. I have never heard of this novel before, but after reading some background on it, I found that it is a very popular book that falls in the fantasy, romance, thriller genre. Anyway the story follows a twenty five year old guy named “Kraft Lawrence” who is a traveling peddler that is on a mission to make enough money to one day open his own shop where he can sell various goods for all to buy. The character that I was asked to draw is a pagan wolf deity girl, who also happens to be one of the main people that the book engulfs in. So, having said all that fun stuff, I will now show you "how to draw Holo from Spice and Wolf", step by step. She is from a land called Yoitsu, and she is a wolf harvest deity that promised some men that their town would have a full, bountiful wheat harvest. Now, the reason why she and Kraft run into each other is because she ran away from the town due to the people that no longer believed in her like all the townsmen used to. Although she looks like a young wolf girl, her real self is in the form of a humongous wolf that people fear. She can take the shape of any being she chooses, and because of this, she is a young girl with ears, and a long tail. Now that she has left the town, Holo wants to see what the world is like after all the years that has passed her by. One thing Holo is always doing, is grooming her tail. She does this because she takes pride in her wolf tail, it's almost a reminder of what she really is. Anyway, I think you will find this tutorial fun, and colorful. When you are done learning "how to draw Holo", you can have a blast coloring her in. That is one of the highlights to any finished drawing I do, the coloring. I will be back in a few with more drawing fun. Peace out and have an awesome sunny Saturday.