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How to draw Harry Styles

Artist: StayingWeird / September 22, 2013
How to draw Harry Styles

Step 1.

Firstly sketch the outline of the face making sure all of the facial features are all in the right place and are the right size. It will be easier to get a picture of him so you can fill in his features to the exact detail. Do the eyes first, then th   

Step 2.

Now start to add the finer detail to the facial features and start to shade in the face using pencil and tissue. It would still be easier to copy from a picture so you get the tone exact. Maybe outline the hair just so you know where to and not to sh   

Step 3.

When youve completely finished the face, start on the hair, still copy from a picture. Draw the hair in strands, dont just colour the outline in because you wont get the same effect and dont blend any of it either. Once the hair is done, just colour    

Step 4.

Then add any other extra detail you want to add.

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Artist: StayingWeird
Date Added: September 22, 2013
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Description: This is how to draw Harry in 3 steps.