How to Draw Gundam

Artist: Dawn / July 30, 2010

Step 1.

Start this step off by drawing the very basic shapes to guide yourself into drawing this pose perfectly. When you draw the starting lines for the pose of the legs, arms, and sword, you'll be able to accomplish most of this drawing easier. Be sure to    

Step 2.

Next, draw the beginning shapes of the mask of the Mecha. This should be started by drawing the downward triangle that shapes the eyes and face shape. End this step by drawing the sparks of the arm and chest. By starting your drawings off with the he   

Step 3.

Then, draw the edgy shapes of the arm. I found drawing this part very difficult due to the sudden twisting position of the arm. Start off at the shoulder and then work your way down to the forearm, slowly. Don't forget to add in the rest of the detai   

Step 4.

This step might be a hassle for some of your Novice artists. Start at the center and span out to the outer chest area. This can be accomplished by equipping yourself with patience.

Step 5.

Here's another tough cookie to bite. I'd encourage you by starting this step off with drawing the hand first. If you find yourself more comfortable drawing the thigh area first, then do so. The sword might be a bit challenging due to the sharp angle    

Step 6.

Lastly, draw the legs and feet to complete your drawing of the Mecha from Gundam Wing. To draw Gundam, you'll need to understand the basic concept of Mechas. I would consider buying a instructional book that's detailed with the essentials on drawing    

Step 7.

The finished line art should resemble this. See how the lines seem clean and pieced together as a whole? I would recommend scanning your drawing in and then rendering it with a graphics program. The best inking program would have to be Paint Tool Sai   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 30, 2010
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Description: Well, It's been a while since I've submitted a really cool – fun lesson on ”how to draw Gundam”. I barely have any mecha type tutorials on DragoArt that have some sort of action-packed quality about them. Mecha is growing into something immense and popular in the anime universe these days. Personally, mecha isn't my cup of tea; drawing this was extremely time consuming and sort of uninteresting. I referenced a dynamic action pose from one of the Gundam Wing posters. I didn't really get most of the character spot on like the image was, but simple enough to where you're able to ”draw mecha”. To learn ”how to draw Gundam step by step”, you'll need to practice the core basics of mecha. I would recommend finding some helpful books on how to draw this particular class of anime. While at Borders, there was a reeling book on mecha perfect for this situation. Anyways, some of the shading was a bit of a hassle because of the 3-D type output of the character. Be sure to identify where your light source is coming from in order to color,shade and highlight properly. By practicing this paticular tutorial enough, you'll soon enable yourself to draw other Gundam Wing characters easier. Try different poses for these large characters; specifying the morals and direction that Gundam mechas will help guide you into drawing the right fanart. Ok peeps, It's time for me to submit other tutorials. I really hope this tutorial will venture you forward into challenging yourself to drawing your own mecha characters. Thanks for viewing and don't forget to leave feedback...and ratings!