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How To Draw Graffiti

Artist: xXzombieslayerXx / June 21, 2012
How To Draw Graffiti

Step 1.

start by writing the name and put it in 3d to get a better result.

Step 2.

nest , on the 3d side, add stripes to make it different colors.

Step 3.

Next, start drawing the clouds around the letters.

Step 4.

After that, draw the zigzag lines below the second edge of the cloud.

Step 5.

Just below the zigzag line, draw another outline of a cloud, all lines follow the one at the top.

Step 6.

between the words, draw 2 four-stars and you can add 3d.

Step 7.

and you can color the picture any way you want.

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Artist: xXzombieslayerXx
Date Added: June 21, 2012
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Description: In this tutorial, the graffiti is written as Mr. Seen. He was a very great graffiti artist in the 1980's.