How to draw Gerard Way

Artist: terraturtle / March 10, 2013
How to draw Gerard Way

Step 1.

You will need: Masking tape, eraser, smudge sticks (or Q-tips), soft/medium charcoal, pencils: 6B, 3B, B, 5H. Colored pencils: rogue cramoisi and rogue toscan. I also use a standard HB pencil for a thinner eraser.

Step 2.

Tape off your paper with masking tape, I did mine a little too rectangular here so try to make it more of a square.

Step 3.

Draw a circle towards to upper right hand corner of your paper, be sure to leave enough room for hair.

Step 4.

Draw his nose, it looks very pointy at first but be careful not to make it too straight.

Step 5.

Now draw on his lips and start of his chin.

Step 6.

Now finish his chin, start the ear (it gets covered by hair later but it's a good place-marker), teeth, and his neck.

Step 7.

Now his eyebrow, I know it kind of makes him look evil but most of it gets covered with hair later.

Step 8.

Now for his eye, you want to make it look like it's squinting.

Step 9.

His eyelashes are kind of clumped together, like they're wet. Make sure to do the lashes quickly and confidently, trying to make them look perfect will ruin them.

Step 10.

Shade in around his eye, we'll go over this in a pale red later so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 11.

Now we'll write the letters, make them square and rigid... If you want to, you can try to squeeze in the 'P' at the end but in the original photo it is cropped out. Outline his bangs.

Step 12.

Shade in the parts of his hair where the clumps overlap, I would start with the 3B and then later go over in a 6B.

Step 13.

Now use the smudge sticks to carry out the patches you shaded in the previous step.

Step 14.

Now do the bottom half of his hair, this part is wavy at the bottom and has some random curls in it but use the same technique of steps 12 and 13.

Step 15.

Use your charcoal to darken the hair and highlight the hair. Add on the start of his shirts and jacket.

Step 16.

Shade in his shoulder.

Step 17.

Draw his tie loose and messy, Start shading his face.

Step 18.

Now shade his jacket and darken up his jaw.

Step 19.

Take the lighter red and add splotches on his nose, jaw, and under his lip. Then go in with your darker one and darken the middle of the patches. Then do the same on his tie.

Step 20.

Now take off the tape and you're done! Tip: When removing the tape, pull it off at an angle to avoid ripping your paper. :)

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Description: How to draw Gerard Way from the post-hardcore rock band 'My Chemical Romance'.