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How to Draw Furcorn from My Singing Monsters

Artist: Dawn / April 11, 2015
How to Draw Furcorn from My Singing Monsters

Step 1.

Start off by drawing a seed shape for the whol being of Furcorn, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Define the shape of Furcorn's body and again like you did with Mammott make sure the body is shaggy.

Step 3.

Next, draw in the puffy bulging eyes which are different shaped like you see here. The skin for the lids should be drawn to look layered and wrinkled.

Step 4.

Fill in the eyeballs with pupils and then proceed to step five.

Step 5.

Draw an open mouth shape like so followed by the bottom lip.

Step 6.

Fill in the mouth with some small pointed teeth like so.

Step 7.

You will now just draw the crooked twig on his head followed by a full sized leaf.

Step 8.

Lastly, draw in Furcorn's wooden legs and then draw the large human like feet. There are only three toes on each foot and don't forget to draw the toe nails. Erase your mistakes and guides.

Step 9.

Here is Furcorn now that you are all done. Add some bright green colors and when you are done with that you can show off your Singing Monsters drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 11, 2015
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Tags: how to draw my singing monsters, how to draw my singing monsters characters
Description: Are you ready for the second monster from the very popular game 'My Singing Monsters'? Good, because we will now tackle the task of learning how to draw Furcorn, step by step. Furcorn is the green bush looking monster with a twig on top of its head followed by a leaf. This monster has no arms, only legs and feet. Drawing Furcorn from My Singing Monsters shouldn't be too complex. As a matter of fact it should be rather simple. So go ahead and have some fun. I will be back in a bit with more lessons for you all so stick around.