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How to draw Franklin the Turtle

Artist: bednarczyk18 / July 19, 2008
How to draw Franklin the Turtle

Step 1.

First drawing shapes. shape head and shape shell. This is very easy. It will be very help!

Step 2.

Next we do Franklin's head. First the nose, next the mouth, and at the end the eyes

Step 3.

in this step we do Franklin's frown and his cap. this very very easy step.

Step 4.

in this step we do Franklin's hand and his scarf. this step is also very very easy

Step 5.

At the end, draw first Franklin's check and next draw the leg and lastly add the strip on his shell.

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Artist: bednarczyk18
Date Added: July 19, 2008
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Description: This my first tutorial. I like Franklin so I try to do tutorial :)