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How to Draw Easy Sad Boy (Step by Step) 1-10 Steps

Artist: BaconCheezeburger / April 9, 2015
How to Draw Easy Sad Boy (Step by Step) 1-10 Steps

Step 1.

You always gotta start with the basic lines to make it EASY I did only the head, body, and shoulders.

Step 2.

Now continue basic lines with the head lines, arms, and hands.

Step 3.

Now move on to the real things starting with the chin and cheeks. Then the ears!

Step 4.

We need to start the hair!

Step 5.

Some more of the hair and some of the shirt!

Step 6.

Now he doesn't have a bald spot!

Step 7.

He finally can hitch hike!

Step 8.

How is he going to cry without...drum roll please *drum roll* EYES!

Step 9.

And finish off with the special effects that make this sadness what it is now!

Step 10.


Step 11.


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Artist: BaconCheezeburger
Date Added: April 9, 2015
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Description: Hello my first few tutorials will be emotions and then other things!