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How to Draw the Deadpool Symbol

Artist: Dawn / April 4, 2017
How to Draw the Deadpool Symbol

Step 1.

Start with a simple, nicely shaped circle like so.

Step 2.

Next, draw in two large egg shapes for the outside color of Deadpool's eyes.

Step 3.

Draw the left eye in a snarly stare and draw the right eye normal. You will then draw in the crinkle between the eyes and erase your mistakes if any.

Step 4.

And that is all there is to it. Color in your drawing of Deadpool's symbol before you show off your work.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 4, 2017
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Tags: how to draw comic book characters, how to draw deadpool characters
Description: Here is a cute version of the Deadpool symbol that I was asked to draw. It's basically a circular shape with the colors and eyes of Deadpool in a comical or cartoonish form. This is a very simple lesson to follow and tackle which means you should be done with the drawing in like five minutes or less. Deadpool is by far one of my favorite Marvel characters so drawing this Deadpool symbol was a blast. Have fun and let me know if there are more lessons like this that you would like to see on Dragoart.com.