How to Draw Curly Hair Anime Style

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Step one: How to draw anime curly hair and heads. Start with two circles for the female heads and then draw out the lining for the chin and jaw.


In this step you will start sketching out the curly lines for the head to the left and then draw straight curled lines for the hair style to the right. Since these are two anime head models, you have to draw out the shapes and curves of their necks.


Start drawing out the top half of the hair styles and then curl up the ends of the hair style to the left. Do the same thing to the hair style to the right and as you can see your lesson on "how to draw curly hair is almost done.


Start sketching out the hair strand lines for the front part of the left head. Sketch out the back hair style design for the head to the right.


This is your last drawing step and what you will do is sketch out the rest of the curls for both heads and then start erasing the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


This is what your lesson on "how to draw curly hair step by step". Color in your hair styles blond, brunette, red head, or even a vivid color to be playful. See ya and great job!

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June 3, 2009

Description: I hope you guys liked the last lesson I submitted on ‘how to draw Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians”. I am about to fill another tutorial request that was made last week on “how to draw curly hair” step by step. Drawing curly hair is a very simple thing to learn how to do because it is all curvy lines and strands. I will show you the easiest way to draw curly hair with this tutorial and when you are done you can dress your favorite anime/manga character with the latest curly hair styles. I love drawing manga characters so therefore drawing curly hair is somewhat easy for me. I only included two styles to choose from because they are the most common seen on anime/manga girls in the popular anime/manga series. I really didn’t want to work to strongly on drawing the anime faces because I have done that a thousand times before already, so to me it was pretty boring. I did however have fun sketching out the two anime curly hair designs that you will be learning how to draw in this tutorial today. So for the mean time try and tackle this lesson on “how to draw curly hair step by step", and let me know if this tutorial helps you draw hair better. Remember don’t forget to vote and comment on this lesson because when a member votes, the more other kids and adults will feel that this lesson is a good one. I have to go but I shall return. Try and stay tuned into for more upcoming drawing fun. Peace out peeps!

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