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How to Draw Clayton Carmine, Gears of War 3

Artist: KingTutorial / October 2, 2011
How to Draw Clayton Carmine, Gears of War 3

Step 1.

Ok, let's begin with some guide lines. Fairly simple stuff, here. Draw an egg shape for the head, and draw a line for the eye level. More important than the torso anatomy here is the shape of the chest harness. The armor is sleeveless, but there's a    

Step 2.

Start off by drawing those panels on each side of Clayton's jaw. After that, you can outline the shape of the faceplate and add the little chin detail.

Step 3.

Here we'll draw the top part of the helmet. A pair of almond shapes will outline the eyes. Connect the top of the helmet to the jaw panels, and the basic drawing of the head is complete.

Step 4.

To start the chest armor, draw concentric circles within the guide lines. Since the armor is rounded, we aren't looking directly at these circles. try to have them bunching together toward the left and right sides.

Step 5.

Cut each center circle with a diagonal panel line, and add four rivets to each circle. Move on to draw the center panels of the armor.

Step 6.

This step outlines the actual metal part of the armored harness. Leave some small notches where the shoulder straps connect to the chestplate. The outline continues inward, adding detail to the center panels.

Step 7.

This looks complex, but it's not too bad. Just pick one area at a time and start adding panel lines, breaking up the large shape of the armor. Watch the pattern surrounding the chest circles. On the bottom edge of the armor, draw the thick, tube-like   

Step 8.

Start this step by drawing that same tube-like padding on either side of each shoulder strap. Add some detail to the straps. Don't forget those little rectangles. Those will light up later. Below the armor, draw the hip padding and the sides of the s   

Step 9.

Now connect the head to the torso by drawing in the neck. Clayton has some huge neck muscles, so look at some photos of bodybuilders for reference.

Step 10.

Draw in the shoulder, biceps and the rest of the upper arms. Again, grab some reference if you need to. His left arm is turned a bit inward, so more of the triceps are visible.

Step 11.

Draw in the top part of Carmine's gloves and add some basic details.

Step 12.

From here on, we'll start adding more and more details. Begin by adding stitches and straps to the gloves. Add texture to the padding, and draw rivets on all the main armor panels.

Step 13.

Part one of the helmet details. Begin with the large curves on the faceplate and above the eyebrows. Then add the smaller details around the eyes, jaw, etc...

Step 14.

Add the secondary details of the helmet now. I'd say the key details here are the outline of the eyes/goggles, and the diagonal bars on the faceplate.

Step 15.

Draw the tattoo on Clayton's left arm. It's a band of bullets, but you can keep it pretty simple. Add the gear symbol to the chest armor. I couldn't get a good photo of Clayton's other tattoo, so I left that for the color stage and kept it pretty sim   

Step 16.

This step is optional, but since Gears of War is such a gritty game, I suggest blasting the armor with a lot of extra detail. Lots of dust, scratches and weathering, mainly on the metal parts. I added some scratches to his skin as well, just to break   

Step 17.

...and here you have it. The finished line art. Honestly, these characters are so detailed, you could easily spend HOURS drawing every little detail of their armor. I've simplified things a bit, but I think Clayton resembles his in-game self pretty n   

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: October 2, 2011
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Description: Hey guys. I'm back with another Gears of War tutorial, *almost* coinciding with the release of Gears of War 3. This time it's Clayton Carmine, the third Carmine brother. What a beast. With such a complex design, I decided to stick to a bust shot. Let's hop in and get drawing.