How to Draw Clash of Clans Barbarian


Okay guys let's get back in the grind and tackle this tut on the Barbarian from Clash of Clans. Start with a head shape, then draw the torso and lower body shapes. Add the limb guides and you are done here.


Start by drawing the head shape and then the sideburns for the hair.


Here you will draw in the shape of the face starting with the sides of the head. When that is done sketch in the nose, ear and brows.


Finish drawing the face shape and then draw the long mustache which looks like handle bars.


You will draw in the angry expressive face which is mainly made through the mouth and eyes. When that is done add a bump for the lip.


Let's draw the upper body starting with the massive shoulders. Draw the biceps and then the chest shape which is one whole chest muscle.


Add the spiked bracelets. They should be thick, and have small spikes on them.


Draw the lower torso like so, then draw in the thick leather belt as well as the emblem on the front of the belt.


We will now draw in the Barbarian's massive shaped hands. On the left hand draw in the handle for the sword.


Now you can draw in the blade for the sword, then proceed to step eleven.


Add the detailing to the belt and belt plate, then draw in the loin skirt for the Barbarian's attire.


Almost done people. All you have to do here is draw in the legs and feet and then proceed to the last step.


Draw in the sandals and then detailing to the legs which is the ankles and soles. Erase the guides and you are done.


That's it, you are ready to color in your Barbarian from Clash of Clans. I hope you enjoyed this tut folks.

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November 5, 2014

Description: Well if you are a fan of the online game/Android app game 'Clash of Clans', you might like this tut on how to draw the Barbarian from the game series. This is also a requested tut from a member/visitor of Dragoart. The Barbarian from the game is very rugged. He is recognized as being the blonde headed angry guy with a long Hulk Hogan mustache. He too goes through a transformation stage through different levels. His looks start to change when your Barbarian reaches level three, and further down game play he will eventually look like a Barbarian king. Anyways, this shouldn't be too complicated to tackle so I will leave the skill set at novice. If you like drawing Clash of Clans characters and would like to see more tuts on them, please let me know. Peace people and enjoy.

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