How to Draw Chibi Style

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Okay let us start this lesson on how to draw chibi style by drawing out circles a total of four. Sketch in the facial guidelines and then move to the next step.


You will now use the facial guidelines to draw out the eye shapes as seen here and then draw dashes for the chibi mouths.


step three: "how to draw chibi heads" start this step by drawing out the shape of the chibi face and then sketch out the outline of the chibi hair style that you like best. Although this tutorial gives you the basic start off on chibi hair, you can c   


Step four: "how to draw chibi faces". You will now start drawing out the faces to these chibi characters. Start with coloring in the eyes on the first chibi leaving behind some white spots. Then draw out the rest of the eye shapes and then the cheek    


Step five: how to draw chibi hair". You will now start sketching out the rest of the hair style that you started in step three. Once that is done move to the last drawing step to see what you should do next.


Detail the hair by adding hair strands as you see it done here. Sketch out the shape of the ears and then erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is what your chibi heads, faces, and hair should look like when you are done. Color in your characters, and you have just finished learning "how to draw chibi style step by step".

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June 13, 2009

Description: Here is the last of the Chibi lessons that I will be submitting today. For the last chibi style tutorial I will show you “how to draw chibi hair”, “how to chibi style”, and “how to draw a chibi face” all in one easy lesson. The whole tutorial is combined within the face of the chibi and I will give you step by step instructions on how to complete this lesson with ease. Like the chibi eyes, drawing the head of a chibi couldn’t be more simpler than drawing chibi eyes. I really did have tons of fun with you guys yesterday as I drew live and chatted with other creative artists. I was ROTFL a few times when I was watching what you guys said to each other. I may not respond back most of the time when everyone talks, but I sure do read what you say. Some of the things that you guys talk about is so funny, and what better way to draw better, by being in an awesome mood. I hope you like these tutorials that I have submitted today, and I also hope that you all learn something new when learning “how to draw chibi style step by step“. I have to go because I still have that fire horse lesson to upload so stay tuned in for that as well. I will be on later around six to draw live once again. Until that hour comes, I bid thee farewell!

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