How to Draw Chibi Rorschach from Watchmen

Artist: Dawn / March 10, 2009

Step 1.

This is the first step of a six step tutorial. What you will do first is draw out the shape of his head which is ovalish. Next add the facial guideline as you see it done for you here and it's just a straight vertical line going through the head shap   

Step 2.

Your Chibi is going to look awesome if you take your time and follow all the steps correctly. All you have to do in this next step is draw the curved line of his hat and then the sides of his face. Once that is done just add another body line that is   

Step 3.

This is coming out pretty good. What I want you all to do now is draw out the rest of his hat and then start drawing or sketching out the right and left arm as well as his right hand. Now, Lets finish off this step by drawing the coat and the legs.

Step 4.

As you can see you are almost done with this tutorial and what you have to do next is draw out the folded collar on his trench coat and then add the long line so that it is closed. Give him a belt and then a pocket to the right. Draw his chibi feet a   

Step 5.

Now that you have reached your last drawing step, it is time for you to draw out and color in the ink blot spots in his white mask. You don't have to copy the ink blots that I made, you can actually draw out your own design since his face is always c   

Step 6.

Your Chibi Rorschach is now complete. All you have to do now is add some spectacular color and then add him to your drawing collection Chibi style. I hope you all had an awesome time learning how to draw Chibi Rorschach from Watchmen step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 10, 2009
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Description: Drawing live is so fun to do and I look forward to everyday so that I can interact with all my friends from the site as I get to know all you guys better. I know that drawing live helps artists layout their own tutorial lessons because I show you how it is done. I would like to remind everyone that you can request a character in live draw at any time during the session. I will start this first lesson off by showing you how to draw Chibi Rorschach from Watchmen step by step. His name is a bit difficult to pronounce by looking at it so what I will do for you now, is spell out how Rorschach should sound when spoken, (Roar-shack). The movie is a remake of the comic book characters published by DC Comics and all of them are unique and powerful in their own way. Rorschach is the character that wears a hat over a white mask that forever changes into different looking ink-blots. His real name is Walter Kovacs and believe it or not even though he is avidly fighting to stop crime, he is on the most wanted list which basically means he is considered an outlaw. The comic came out in 1986 and in 1987. The story was developed and created by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins. Watchmen, is a character based comic that revolves around six characters that are all the main heroes of the limited series. There is The Comedian, Doctor Manhattan, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre. Just by watching the some of the trailers for the Watchmen, I already have three favorites. The first one is the very Chibi we are going to learn about right now. The second is the female hero Silk Spectre, and then the third is Nite Owl. I will eventually draw all my favorite Watchmen characters; I just need to decide whether or not to make them Chibi or regular Comic book action figures. Anyways, this lesson was drawing out before your eyes during the live session that I did last night. For this of you that missed yesterdays live broadcast, you can use this tutorial to learn how to draw Chibi Rorschach from Watchmen step by step. I will be back in a while with more tutorials for you all. I know that some of you are probably watching me draw right now in the Ustream room. I shall return so stay tuned.