How to Draw Chibi Megan Fox

Artist: Jedec / December 29, 2010

Step 1.

First start out with a big circle for the head and some basic body guide lines. Since her chibi hips are so big, draw a big oval at her waist to guide you.

Step 2.

Now use the facial guide lines to draw in some sexy eyes full of eye lashes! I did half lidded anime eyes to try to give her that "come hither" feel.

Step 3.

Now we can draw her body! Her feet and hands should be itty bitty to offset the large hips and breasts. Keep her rip and upper stomach very very small and follow your oval guide line for the hips. Gradually shrink the legs and end them with the ti   

Step 4.

Megan Fox usually has her hair all poofed out and styled, so go ahead and draw her hair coming off the circle guide line for her head. Keep her bangs shorter than the actual length of the back of her hair and make sure she has a middle part.

Step 5.

Now we can draw in some clothes! Draw in her shirt *low cut!* and some really short shorts with a belt.

Step 6.

I adore the boots she wears in the Transformers movie.. so I went ahead and drew them! They are three buckle tall boots. Don't forget the square buckles and make sure the tongue of the boot is higher than the rest of the line.

Step 7.

Now time for some fine details. Draw in her eyebrows and eyelid lines, her necklaces, the design on her belt and the ripped off fringe for her short shorts.

Step 8.

Great job! Enjoy your sexy chibi Megan Fox! Happy coloring!

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Artist: Jedec
Date Added: December 29, 2010
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Description: Hey ya'll! Christmas time has been hectic especially with my back injury so I haven't had much time to upload for a bit! I did manage to get this sexy little chibi done over the holiday. Megan Fox! I love her, she's got the prettiest eyes and awesome hair. I tried to capture her sexy attitude in this curvy chibi and I hope everyone enjoys!