How to Draw a Porcupine for Kids

Artist: Dawn / April 28, 2012

Step 1.

Draw the front part of the porcupine's face like so, then draw in two round shapes for the eyes.

Step 2.

Make the lining to form the eyeballs, then color in the pupils. Next, draw the pointed ear which is elf shaped. Next, add the nose line.

Step 3.

Lastly, draw out the entire head of hair to complete your porcupine. You can add some needles if you want, or just use what you got. Erase the guidelines and mistakes before you leave this step.

Step 4.

The line art comes out looking awesome. Now you can color in your porcupine. I hope you had fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 28, 2012
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Description: Okay, so this is the last lesson that I have for you guys today and it’s on "how to draw a porcupine for kids", step by step. Even though I absolutely love drawing animals for kids, I am not totally satisfied with how the end results came out. To me, I think I should have added some spikes sporadically on the body so most people would think that the animal for kids is actually a porcupine instead of a hedgehog. I only drew a simple form of a face with the body just consisting of long hair. The face and ear are also something I would have changed because after looking at it for a while the color is really distracting mew from the drawing as a whole. Anyways, as you know porcupines are small to medium sized forest animals that thrive in all parts of the world. Where I live the porcupine are dark in color and graze on grass and cloves as well as other things. I urge you guys to tweak this porcupine for kids to fit your likes. Well that’s all I have for you all today. I shall return tomorrow with more drawing fun so make sure to come back. Better yet, why don’t you stick around and browsing. Adios mi amigos and enjoy!