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How To Draw Cartoon Steve From Minecraft

Artist: Badsteven / August 13, 2014
How To Draw Cartoon Steve From Minecraft

Step 1.

First of we're going to draw the hair just copy the diagram.

Step 2.

Now where going to finish of the hair also just copy the diagram again.

Step 3.

The head is big so we're going to do a point on tithe left side of the head.

Step 4.

Now just add the eyes and a squiggly line in the ear

Step 5.

Now we're drawing the body do not draw the arms just yet.

Step 6.

Draw the two arms by copying the diagram.

Step 7.

We are now adding the v on the t -shirt and adding the shoes as shown on the diagram.

Step 8.

Now we're just adding the little diamond pick axe very easy just copy the picture .

Step 9.

TADA! After colouring the picture and adding some grass and clouds it should look something like that or better!

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Artist: Badsteven
Date Added: August 13, 2014
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Description: I have been playing minecraft lately and decided to draw something minecraft.so I drew Steve but not any kind of Steve a cartoon Steve comment share and like and suggest any other tutorials.