How to Draw Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys


We will begin with some basic guides. The head is first, then you can sketch out the body or torso arch. Add the head guide for the kitty as well. Sketch in the facial guidelines for Bubbles too.


To begin the face, you will need to draw in Bubbles' bifocal eyeglasses. Just the outline for the frames for now, later we will work on the rest.


Next up, sketch out the shape of Bubbles' face, then draw in his hair line which is a small wavy strand. The ears should also be added.


Now you can draw in the actual frame thickness, followed by the large shapes of his wide open eyes. His eyes look this way because his eyeglasses are almost like magnifying lenses.


Sketch in his nose like so, then draw in Bubbles' chin like so.


Finish his hair, then add detailing to the scalp where the hair is parted.


It's time to tackle the torso beginning with the neck shape then his shirt collar. Bubbles wears button up shirts usually so the collar is from such a shirt.


You will draw the left shoulder and then sketch in his arm which is also the sleeve. Add those crease, fold, and crinkles lines too.


We will start this step by drawing the outline of the cat's head. The ears should be pointed like all cats. Bubbles just loves his kitties.


Draw in the kitty's face starting with the eyes, then draw the nose, lips and whiskers.


Add detailing to the kitty's ears, then add the stripes if you want Bubbles to hold a tiger style kitty.


We will continue to work on the kitty by drawing out the body. This cat is pretty chunky and that's due to all the food and treats Bubbles gives his beloved cats.


Cap off the cat's body by drawing Bubbles' arm which is cuddling or securely holding the cat. Add the wrinkles to the sleeve, then draw in some of the cat's leg.


Add the rest of the cat's stripes like so and that is all you have to do in this step.


And lastly, sketch out the rest of Bubbles' arm and then make a cuff at the end of the sleeve. Erase those mistakes and guides as well.


You are now finished with drawing Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys. Color him in and be on your way.

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June 9, 2014

Description: I don't know how many of you Dragoart members and visitors are familiar with show called 'The Trailer Park Boys', but I can tell you that I am addicted to the series and since it's on Netflix I can watch it from Series one, and on. This lesson is going to be on one of my favorite characters, it's on how to draw Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys, step by step. Bubbles is a middle aged man that lives in a garage type of shack with all his cats. He is best friends with Julian and Ricky, and is amongst the three who tries to say the right thing, but will also be down to do anything that Julian and Ricky scam to do. The show takes place in Nova Scotia, Canada so I imagine that all you Canadians that come to Dragoart must have heard of The Trailer Park Boys. I will be doing more lessons on the other boys from the series so keep a look out for those.

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