How to Draw Breakfast Princess, Adventure Time, Breakfast Princess


We will draw three parts to create a mannequin for Breakfast Princess. This includes the head, torso, and skirt outline. Next, add the legs and feet, then move to step two.


Draw the shape of her face and neck, then draw in the curled loops to form her wavy hair.


Finish drawing her hair until most of it is complete. When you are done with that task, draw the bacon on her head which acts as a crown.


Color in her eyes, then give Breakfast Princess a smile.


Begin working on her torso by drawing a slice of toast, then draw some bacon wrapped around her waist. Draw the noodle shaped arms, followed by her small hands.


Add the crust outline on the bread, then draw the melted butter followed by the stripes on the bacon.


Draw in her pancake dress as well as the syrup that adds a nice design decoration.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw out Breakfast Princess' legs, and then her egg shell shoes for her feet. Erase your mistakes and then your guidelines.


Now that you are all done you should have a finished drawing that looks like the one you have here. Now you can color her in.

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March 30, 2013

Description: This next lesson is based on a character from Adventure Time. She is sweeter than she looks and she looks good to eat. Here is "how to draw Breakfast Princess", step by step. This princess is from the Breakfast Kingdom and she rules alongside her sister 'Toast Princess'. The Breakfast Princess is made up of six breakfast foods; bacon, buttered toast, syrup slobbered pancakes, her hair is made up of an egg white while her face and body is in the color of the egg yolk, her shoes or feet are exactly what they appear to be, cracked egg shells. Drawing Breakfast Princess will be entertaining because she is a likable figure in the Adventure Time series. Have fun and good luck with your drawing.

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