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How to Draw Black Rock Shooter, Black Rock Shooter

Artist: Angelmerci2 / October 20, 2011
How to Draw Black Rock Shooter, Black Rock Shooter

Step 1.

Draw the basic guidlines for her. This will be the base for the image

Step 2.

Draw the shape for the face/Jawline and mouth

Step 3.

Next draw her Hair. Basic hair I guess :) Sorry if you cant see the jawline good.. will show up when you erase the guidlines :D

Step 4.

Next is her eyes :)

Step 5.

Now her Eye - Flame thing xD

Step 6.

Next is her cape :)

Step 7.

Now the back - part of her hair :) you can Improvise here :P

Step 8.

I fixed this up.. sorry :P

Step 9.

Now the circle part of her eyes :) coloring is your job :D

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Artist: Angelmerci2
Date Added: October 20, 2011
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Description: How to draw Black Rock Shooter