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How to Draw Bert

Artist: Dandeeno / July 6, 2010
How to Draw Bert

Step 1.

First draw his head. It's a fairly easy shape to draw.

Step 2.

Next draw his hair. His hair is fairly spiky.

Step 3.

Now start with his eyes and nose. Don't fully draw the eye, the eyebrow will soon be placed there

Step 4.

Draw his unibrow and ear.

Step 5.

Next draw his mouth and pupils. You can choose whether he smiles or not, but I've chosen him to stay grumpy.

Step 6.

Now draw part of his top. This will cover the neck.

Step 7.

Finally draw the rest of the top. It's a simple drawing but it's my fist tutorial. There will probably be better ones in the future.

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Artist: Dandeeno
Date Added: July 6, 2010
Steps: 7
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Tags: draw sesame street, how to draw sesame street characters, how to draw characters from sesame street, draw bert and ernie
Description: This is my first tutorial so I decided to keep it simple for now. This is 'how to draw Bert' from sesame street. He is very intelligent but very grumpy and boring. His best friend is Ernie. I won't go too deep into his character. Please comment and rate.