How to Draw Baby Piglet

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Okay to draw baby Piglet you will need to make two circle shapes that are almost the same in size. Next draw in the facial guidelines and then draw the arm guidelines as well.


Okay, here you will start sketching out baby Piglet's face starting with the left cheek as you see here. You will then draw the cheek into a face. Sketch out the chin, mouth, and nose. use the facial guidelines to draw the beady eyes and color them i   


Now that you have step two drawn out you can start step three. Sketch out the shape of baby Piglet's ears and then draw out the rest of the head shape which includes the rest of the chin.


You will now draw out the shape of baby Piglets arms which also make up his hands as well. Next for this step you will draw the shape of Piglet's back and back end along with the legs and foot.


Since this is your last drawing step, all you have to do here is finish drawing out baby Piglet's body which includes the arms, legs, and feet. Once that is complete you can draw the horizontal strips on his torso the way you see here done for you he   


This is your baby character when you are done. Color in the little fella and you have just learned "how to draw baby Piglet step by step".

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October 8, 2009

Description: I mentioned yesterday that I was going to draw more characters that are in their baby form from Winnie the Pooh. Yesterday I submitted baby Winnie, and today I will be showing you “how to draw baby Piglet step by step”. The baby collection of all the characters from the very popular story and or movies has somewhat made a big impression on parents, children, and older kids. I think that they are all incredibly cute, and I also think that you guys will love this tutorial that will teach you very simply “how to draw baby piglet”. I know that they don’t seem as popular to you guys right now, but believe me, they will be a smashing hit and everybody will be drawing the baby gang from the Hundred Acre Wood. I have four more lesson to get uploaded before I draw live today. I must sadly depart from this tutorial description so that I can write out another, than another, and then yet another. In the mean time, do like I always suggest, and try this easy online drawing lesson out. Who knows, you may even have fun drawing baby Piglet. Peace out amigos, and happy drawing!

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